Plate  03(Moon night (Gray))

Plate 03(Moon night (Gray))

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Brand: KIKOF

From our background as graphic designers, for KIKOF we created simple forms of the kind possible using paper.
The forms, based on octagons, are entirely linear; and our desire to craft as if working with paper led to the creation of thin, very lightweight tableware.
The stiffness of linearity, the soft impression of ceramics, and the meticulously derived glaze colors together have created a unique texture, giving KIKOF a characteristic ambience of a kind inexpressible with porcelain.
To reproduce the thinness and angularity of paper, the manufacturing process was perfected through a series of ongoing trials and errors.
The final results were made possible by using clay from Shigaraki, which is ideally suited to making large items that are highly resistant to heat.
KIKOF’s colors were chosen to express the hues that reflect off the surface of Lake Biwa in the morning, afternoon and evening: we named them Morning Blue, Noon White and Sunset Pink.
The number impressed into each product, 670.25, refers to the area of Lake Biwa (in square kilometers).
Material Clay
Dimensions Φ138 H10
Weight 190.0000

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