Fragrant Box Happy

Fragrant Box Happy

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Brand: D-BROS

Fragrant series now on sale from D-BROS.
First product “Fragrant Box” is a box type environmental fragrance fitted for placing in closets and drawers. Soft and mild scent spread through the room just from this tiny box. These 5 scents were chosen with the hope to provide a refreshing and positive feeling.
*The chip inside the box is sealed in a plastic bag. To use, open the bag and replace the chip inside the small box.
*The fragrant chip is fragrance filtered in vermiculite soil.
*Once the scent goes away, the soil is reusable by filtering your choice of fragrance.
Graceful – Elegant, refreshing scent
Happy – Full of happiness, sweet scent
Romantic- Glorious, sweet, feminine scent
Relaxing- Relaxing, refreshing scent
Peaceful- Peaceful, soft scent

*The scent lasts for about 3-4 weeks. (Differs according to environment)
*After opening, close the lid and place the illustrated side facing up.
*Not edible. Place out of childrens reach.
*Avoid, high temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight.
Material Paper
Dimensions 23×80×23mm
Weight 80.0000

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