2019 TYPEFACE CALENDAR “Clarendon”「Desktop」【30%OFF ¥1,400→¥980】

2019 TYPEFACE CALENDAR “Clarendon”「Desktop」【30%OFF ¥1,400→¥980】

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With “typeface” as its theme, this simple, elegant calendar series utilizes the beauty and characteristics of the typeface itself. A typeface is chosen each year, and we create three types of calendars: wall-type, poster, and desktop. The typeface chosen for 2019 is “Clarendon” designed by Robert Besley in 1845. Clarendon is characterized by a roundness inside large serifs, and the lack of differences between thick and thin lines. This typeface imparts a classical yet modern feel, with numerous possibilities despite its smallness, and a beautiful, exquisite balance between powerful serifs and soft, gentle curves.

2019.1 - 2019.12

Designed by: Shoichi Maehara/Ren Yamakawa (DRAFT)
Material paper
Dimensions W144 × H100mm
Weight 160.0000

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