2019 Calendar “FIND ME.”【30%OFF ¥2,300→¥1,610】

2019 Calendar “FIND ME.”【30%OFF ¥2,300→¥1,610】

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Brand: D-BROS

This calendar series suggests new ideas based on the theme of “animals” each year. The 2019 version features animals that seem misplaced inside the days on the calendar, and look as if they are playing hide-and-seek. The design changes each month, and twelve animals appear in the calendar. Furthermore, the feel of each month is expressed in vivid colors so that the user feels refreshed each time he or she turns the page. Please spend a wonderful year together with lovable animals.

2019.1.1 - 2019.12.31

Designed by: Asako Koyama(DRAFT)
Material Paper
Dimensions W386×H305mm
Weight 240.0000

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