2019 Calendar “365'19”【30%OFF ¥4,000→¥2,800】

2019 Calendar “365'19”【30%OFF ¥4,000→¥2,800】

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Brand: D-BROS

The calendar designed by Mr. Ryosuke Uehara for 2019 features a bold design in a large-sized format, and it utilizes “Helvetica,” a
traditional typeface of Switzerland. Turn the page, and the “under bar” under the foil-embossed numbers 1 to 12 representing the months on the header moves. In this calendar, graphics suggestive of a movement-filled modern and digital sensibility are expressed atop paper. A simple yet finely calculated design and print layout yields a sophisticated appearance. Each day is important to someone, so the calendar was entitled 365 (days) '19, with the hope of people cherishing each day in 2019.

2019.1.1 - 2019.12.31

Designed by: Ryosuke Uehara(KIGI)
Material Paper
Dimensions W555×H445mm
Weight 760.0000

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