KAMON Fan "Altered Japanese Emperor Oak Leaves"

KAMON Fan "Altered Japanese Emperor Oak Leaves"

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he ribs have a unique design that shows the crest in a more beautiful way. This fan was carefully assembled by a craftsman, from the coloring of the ribs to the fan's completion.

・ The bamboo part may split because of the nature of bamboo, so please be careful.
・ Colors may fade when wet.
・ Please close the fan before storing, and avoid direct sunlight. 

Made in Japan

kawari kashiwa
Altered Japanese Emperor Oak Leaves

Presently, Japanese emperor oak leaves are used to wrap kashiwa mochi, a well-known type of sticky rice cake in Japan. These leaves are large and sturdy, and in ancient times, these leaves were used to contain food in the Shinto ritual of offering food to the gods. Because of this, such leaves are considered sacred, and has been used in the kamon of the families of Shinto priests. When new leaves sprout from a Japanese emperor oak tree, they replace the old leaves which then fall to the ground, ensuring that the tree is never bare. From these circumstances, this kamon contains the hope that a family will always have descendants, and that the clan will continue forever.
Material Bamboo, Cashew Paint
Dimensions 220mm
Weight 80.0000

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