KAMON Handkerchief "Konoha Sailboat"

KAMON Handkerchief "Konoha Sailboat"

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It is said that there are 20,000 different kinds of kamon, or family crests, in Japan. Of these 20,000, we chose five from a design perspective, which we featured in our handkerchiefs. The beauty of kamon is expressed through embroidery in these handkerchiefs.

・ Please avoid ironing the embroidered part.
・ Please avoid using chlorine bleach when washing, and avoid tumble-drying.

Made in Japan (Gunma Prefecture)

Konoha Sailboat

The sailboat crest has often been used by families whose ancestors worked in marine transport, thus this is a type of kamon that signifies an occupation. Also, a sailboat was given by Emperor Go Daigo to the Nawa clan of Tottori in recognition of its distinguished war record during the period of Northern and Southern Dynasties (1337-1392). Since then, the sailboat crest has become the representative crest of the Nawa family. The Nawa Shrine, located in Nawacho, Tottori Prefecture, uses the sailboat as its shrine crest.
Material 70% Cotton 30% Linen 100% Polyester (tag)
Dimensions 450×450mm
Weight 80.0000

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