KAMON Handkerchief "Round Crane in a Hermitage"

KAMON Handkerchief "Round Crane in a Hermitage"

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It is said that there are 20,000 different kinds of kamon, or family crests, in Japan. Of these 20,000, we chose five from a design perspective, which we featured in our handkerchiefs. The beauty of kamon is expressed through embroidery in these handkerchiefs.

・ Please avoid ironing the embroidered part.
・ Please avoid using chlorine bleach when washing, and avoid tumble-drying.

Made in Japan (Gunma Prefecture)

iori ni tsuru no maru
Round Crane in a Hermitage

Iori, or hermitage, is a plain dwelling built by a hermit or recluse. Aside from its simple shape, it is also highly elegant, leading to its usage in kamon. This motif rarely becomes a crest on its own. Rather, it is used a lot as outlines for other crests. This kamon is a combination of the round crane design that has an auspicious connotation of longevity, and a hermitage.
Material 70% Cotton 30% Linen 100% Polyester (tag)
Dimensions 450×450mm
Weight 80.0000

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