Sophisticated Handkerchiefs

8/24/2017 Designer's Blog, Kazuya Iwanaga Kazuya Iwanaga 7 min read

Hello, I am the designer Iwanaga. This is a continuation of my previous post, and it is about a product (handkerchiefs) available at the our newly-opened store in GINZA SIX. As I’ve written in my previous post, it took two years from the conceptualization of our kamon (family crest) products up until their launch. When it was decided that we would create a book that…


Bamboo Chopsticks

8/18/2017 Aya Iida, Designer's Blog, Products Aya Iida 6 min read

In our studies into Japan’s traditional crafts, we have deepened our understanding of kamon (family crests), and at the same time, we’ve pursued our interest in obento (boxed lunch) culture which has a profound history. For modern bento boxes, we must also have the best chopsticks, so we’ve embarked on creating a new chopstick design. First, we researched the kinds of chopsticks that are out…


Creator’s Diary 2018: From Start to Finish (Finished Product)

8/15/2017 Designer's Blog, Products, Ren Yamakawa Ren Yamakawa 5 min read

Hello, I am the designer Ren Yamanaka. This post is a continuation of my previous post about the Creator’s Diary. (If you’re interested in reading the first part, this is the link: “Creator’s Diary 2018: From Start to Finish (An Introduction).”) The subject of this post is the finished product, so I would like to talk about the colors of the covers, which is one…


A Round-Table Discussion by Satoru Miyashita and KIGI at the 2017 ADC Gallery Exhibition

8/7/2017 Dialogue with Satoru Miyata, Editor's Blog, Interview Chi-na Lee 16 min read

“D-BROS at GINZA SIX” has won an ADC Member Award at the 2017 ADC Awards, which is regarded as the summit of Japan’s advertising and design fields. In commemoration of winning this award, a round-table discussion by Mr. Satoru Miyashita, and the members of KIGI, Mr. Ryosuke Uehara and Ms. Yoshie Watanabe was held last July 19th at the Ginza Graphic Gallery. We would like…


Our New Cups and Saucers are Now on Sale at our GINZA SIX Store and Web Store!

7/31/2017 Editor's Blog, Products Eriko Fujitani 3 min read

Embodying surprise, D-BROS’s “Cup & Saucer” is one of our popular products wherein the pattern on the saucer is reflected on the cup which has a mirrored finish. Together with the opening of our D-BROS GINZASIX store, 12 new cup and saucer designs make their debut! When we asked the two designers of KIGI who were in charge of the art direction for these new…


A Job To Protect Our Culture of Flowers

7/27/2017 Designer's Blog, Shoichi Maehara Shoichi Maehara 5 min read

Hello, I am Shoichi Maebara. Today I’d like to share with you what I do. I am involved in a project called the “Zenkoku Koukousei Hana Ike Battle” (All-Japan High School Flower Arranging Battle). Flower arranging? Battle? This is a string of words that you probably aren’t used to hearing together. If you’re wondering what it is, teams of high school students freely arrange flowers…


Folding Fans and Sophistication

7/19/2017 Designer's Blog, Kazuya Iwanaga Kazuya Iwanaga 6 min read

Hello, I am the designer Kazuya Iwanaga. Today I’d like to talk about our folding fans which are featured at our newly-opened store in GINZA SIX. Just as Mr. Fukuzawa wrote in his blog post, we first conceptualized these products two years ago. When it was first decided that we will make a book about kamon, or family crests, we also wanted people to rediscover…


A Book About Kamon, Exclusively for Our GINZA SIX Store

7/14/2017 Designer's Blog, Products, Takuma Fukuzawa Takuma Fukuzawa 5 min read

The first time we conceptualized this book was about two years ago. We are a Japanese graphic design company, and in making this, we first started by learning about Japan’s traditional crafts. Among these crafts, we focused our attention on kamon, or family crests. We found out that there are about 20,000 of these family crests in Japan. We also learned that there are many…


Part 6 of a Dialogue with Satoru Miyata – The D-BROS GINZA SIX Store as a New Endeavor

7/10/2017 Dialogue with Satoru Miyata Eriko Fujitani 9 min read

–It’s been almost two months since the opening of the D-BROS GINZA SIX store. Please tell us again what D-BROS wants to do and convey at a place such as Ginza, and about D-BROS’s activities at GINZA SIX. miyata:First, there is the relationship between a globalized, modern society and the Japanese people’s way of life. In Japan, there are four seasons, flowers bloom in profusion,…