The Life of a Designer, Vol. 5: Mr. Kazuya Iwanaga Tells us About His Everyday Life

2/1/2017 Interview, Kazuya Iwanaga Chi-na Lee 9 min read

In this series of “The Life of a Designer,” we ask DRAFT designers involved in the development of D-BROS products about their daily lives, in a Q&A format. In their answers to our simple questions, their daily lives are revealed. We talked to Mr. Kazuya Iwanaga for the fifth volume in this series. –In this fifth volume, we would like to talk to Mr. Kazuya…


What I’ve Discovered While Walking Around

1/23/2017 Designer's Blog, Hiroka Osada Hiroka Osada 3 min read

Hello, I’m Osada, a designer. One of the things that I’m doing for the condominium that the real estate company Mitsui Fudosan is building in Musashi Kosugi is creating a free newspaper that highlights the town. The latest issue is a special feature on Todoroki Ryokuchi, a park with sports facilities and a museum that I’ve often visited for location hunting. I’d like to share…


A New D-BROS Store Will Open This Spring!

1/20/2017 Information Eriko Fujitani 2 min read

On April 20, 2017, our new D-BROS store will open in Ginza, Tokyo! It will be located at GINZA SIX, a new commercial facility set to open at Ginza 6-chome, with the announcement about its opening having been extensively covered by the media recently. The Ginza store will be our new enterprise and flagship store. In recent years, visitors from overseas have increased. Ginza has…


This is How I Use My Creator’s Diary (by the Sales Team)

12/21/2016 Editor's Blog, Interview, Products Eriko Fujitani 20 min read

One of D-BROS’s mainstay products, the accordion-type Creator’s Diary, is a commercial version of the diaries that our designers and producers actually used during the production process of past projects. Naturally, all DRAFT company employees use the Creator’s Diary, but their ways of using the diary differ. For this D-BROS MAGAZINE post, we asked how company employees use their diaries, how they organize their schedules,…


We Asked Ryosuke Uehara of KIGI, the Designer of the D-BROS 2017 Calendar “FOLD 12 |’17” about his Thoughts on the Calendar’s Production Process

12/15/2016 Interview, Products Eriko Fujitani 7 min read

Ryosuke Uehara’s calendar for 2017 is called “FOLD 12 |’17.” This is the sixth year of this 3-D calendar where you can turn the pages and hold them in place using an attached clip. A new feature of “folding” was added to this calendar, so we asked him about the ideas that are incorporated in the calendar, and his thoughts on the production process.  …


What Gathering Information and Conducting Interviews Are All About

11/24/2016 Designer's Blog, Kenichi Tanaka Kenichi Tanaka 6 min read

Hello, it’s me, the designer Kenichi Tanaka. Usually, I mainly work on graphics and web design and production but recently, I’ve become a photography enthusiast, and I’ve been tasked to photograph small-scale interviews. I was in Musashi Kosugi and Shinmaruko the other day with my teammate Watanabe to gather information and conduct interviews for Mitsui Fudosan. This real estate company is going to build a…


I Made Letters Travel

11/10/2016 Designer's Blog, Jun Saito Jun Saito 3 min read

Sometimes, I conduct experiments on a lark. There was once a time when I thought, I’d like to make letters travel. That’s because I love traveling myself. I love traveling because even the things that I’m used to in daily life feel new again; and I can re-think things, as if I’ve become a baby again where everything feels fresh. To a baby, various things…


The Life of a Designer, Vol. 4: Ms. Aya Iida Tells us About Her Everyday Life

10/25/2016 Aya Iida, Interview Chi-na Lee 7 min read

In this series of “The Life of a Designer,” we ask DRAFT designers involved in the development of D-BROS products about their daily lives, in a Q&A format. In their answers to our simple questions, their daily lives are revealed. We talked to Ms. Aya Iida for the fourth volume in this series. –In this fourth volume, we would like to talk to Ms. Aya…


Flowers that Bloom Only Once in its Plant’s Lifetime

10/21/2016 Designer's Blog, Shoichi Maehara Shoichi Maehara 4 min read

Hello, it’s me, the designer Shoichi Maebara. There are a variety of plants planted in front of our office’s entrance. Among those plants is the Agave Americana, or American aloe that blooms only once in its lifetime. Amazingly, our plant bloomed this year, and I would like to talk about it in this post. I’ve known of this plant’s existence before it bloomed. I once…


Laying Out a Line That’s 180 Meters Wide and 643 Kilometers Long

10/20/2016 Designer's Blog, Yuichiro Katsume Yuichiro Katsume 7 min read

Hello, it’s me again, the design engineer Yuichiro Katsume. Have you heard about the Great Wall of China? The Great Wall is the ruins of a very long series of protective walls. Even the parts that exist today measure more than 6,000 kilometers, but it used to measure 20,000 kilometers in total. Because of its length and size, it’s said to be the only structure…