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11/10/2016 Designer's Blog, Jun Saito Last modified 2 years ago

Sometimes, I conduct experiments on a lark.
There was once a time when I thought, I’d like to make letters travel.

That’s because I love traveling myself. I love traveling because even the things that I’m used to in daily life feel new again; and I can re-think things, as if I’ve become a baby again where everything feels fresh.

To a baby, various things still seem flexible and pliable – nothing’s set in stone yet. So I thought of sending typography (letters) made from modeling clay from where I was traveling to my house. I wondered what it would be like if I created a travel diary using those letters.

I post the letters while the clay is still soft, so until they reach my home in Japan, they would bear marks from the letter carrier, and even marks from being jostled with other mail. They would retain traces of the indentations from the cancellation of postage stamps until they land in my hands. Their shapes would change as well.
Until they are delivered to me, these letters will be engraved with things that they’ve met along the way.

I send letters that form the words of where I am traveling. If I’m sending it from Basel, Switzerland, I would send 5 letters spelling B-A-S-E-L.

I try to visit various cities as much as I can, so I made clay letters from A to Z.


Aside from the things I do at work, I do these kinds of experimental things too.

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