This is part 2 of our interview with Takuma Fukuzawa and Asako Koyama, the designers of “JUMP,” the D-BROS animal calendar for 2017. In part 1, they talked about behind-the-scenes stories about their work on “JUMP.” In this post, we asked about the differences between their usual work in advertising and monozukuri (making things) with D-BROS, and their thoughts about working.
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–How many years has it been since you’ve started working with D-BROS for its monozukuri projects?

Fukuzawa: This is my fourth year in making the calendar.

Koyama: Last year was my first time working with D-BROS when I made New Year cards, but this is my first time working on the calendar.

– Now that you’ve worked on D-BROS projects, what is it actually like?

Fukuzawa: I’m just simply happy that I can make things. I joined this project because I thought it would be great if we could sell more (of these calendars).

Koyama: Even with the New Year cards, I am always happy when my ideas and designs materialize. With ads, it’s difficult to create tangible things. But this was really fun because you can actually hold what you’ve created in your hand, and it lasts. But it was harder than I expected (laughs). There wasn’t enough time, I was surprised at how much time we didn’t have.

Fukuzawa: That’s true. It takes a lot of time when you’re doing various things together.

– There were lots of product meetings, and it takes about half a year from planning to the final product. It was indeed a long time. During the product meetings, Mr. Miyata and the two designers from KIGI also joined the meetings. Was there anything about them in the meetings that left an impression on you?

Fukuzawa: With each meeting, I felt that our ideas gained more and more depth. They gave us “hints,” and it was interesting to see that a “thing” (product) could come out of catalysts like hints.

Koyama: We were able to ask them to look at our ideas, but their opinions varied so we couldn’t proceed, which I thought was good.

Fukuzawa: Because they were able to advise us from different points of view, our ideas crystallized even further.


– Your line of work is mainly in advertising, so are there any differences in ad work and your work with D-BROS?

Fukuzawa: They’re basically the same, but I think that we are more independent with our work with D-BROS. Since it’s our own project, we’ve learned lots of things.

Koyama: Unlike advertising, there’s no concept of a “client,” so we were free in the way we thought about things and how we proceeded – this was new to us.

– Has there ever been a time when the things that you’ve experienced with your work with D-BROS were useful in your ad work?

Koyama: With D-BROS, I learned about being really particular about the details. Of course I’m also particular in my ad work, but with products, every single thing really matters.

Fukuzawa: With advertising, we have to think about marketing, target consumers, and promotional materials. But with D-BROS, I realized that there’s also the school of thought that we can just make a good product and it will simply sell. You’ll never learn about this school of thought until you actually make a product, so this also affects my work in advertising.

– I see. So you’ve seen things from the client’s position or point of view.

Fukuzawa: Yes. There aren’t many chances for me to do things this intuitively and freely, so I think it’s a good experience. And it was fun too.

Koyama. That’s right. It was challenging, but it was fun.

–That’s right – we could really tell from the calendar that both of you had a fun time making it (laughs). It would be great if this year’s calendar will also really sell, and it would be nice if you can make the next one too.

Fukuzawa: Yes, I’d be really happy if a lot of people would buy it.

Koyama: I’d like to make next year’s calendar too!


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