Hello, it’s me, designer Kazuya Iwanaga. Today I’d like to talk about the 2017 Creator’s Diary.

After much trial and error, our Creator’s Diary for 2017 is finally complete. Every year, it takes about half a year until we have a finished product – from the planning and designing stage where we gather users’ opinions and talk about them, to organizing everything.

The distinct features of the 2017 version are its cover’s colors and material. We’ve kept white, the popular color for 2016 in both of our regular and mini sizes. The other colors for the regular size are black and blue; and the other colors for the mini size are green and orange, with a total of 3 colors for each size. We’ve also changed the material of last year’s black version which was shiny, to a more matte texture to improve its high-quality look.

Next, the text. We’ve changed the typeface too. We change the text’s typeface every 3 years, and for the 2017 version, we used Helvetica.


Helvetica is a refined, sophisticated typeface, and it comes across as strong, so we thought that it’s perfect for a diary. With regards to the diary’s features, we used opinions we’ve received so far as references to improve the diary, so that it will be much easier to use.

I say this every year but I think the 2017 version is much better than what we’ve had (hahaha). If you’ve never used the Creator’s Diary before, I sincerely hope you’ll give it a try. By the way, I’m thinking of getting the regular size in blue.

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