Many of our customers look forward to our D-BROS calendars every year. Finally, our 2017 calendars and Creator’s Diary are now on sale!

Since it’s something you’ll use every day for a year, we want it to be fun, and we hope that you’ll enjoy it as part of your décor. We started creating our D-BROS calendars with these in mind, and next year marks their 23rd anniversary. As always, our designers included thoughtful details and fun tricks in our calendars (5 kinds), and in our classic Creator’s Diary (6 kinds), for a total of 11 items for 2017.

2017 calendar「FOLD12|’17」

2017 calendar「JUMP」

typeface_wall_01 d0610_0106_01
2017 calendar「TYPEFACE CALENDAR」


We begin planning for our calendars and diaries right after the New Year, when designers contribute their ideas, discuss the details of their designs, check and re-check, and work on the smallest details of their design including materials and production processes. It takes about 6 months from planning to the production of a prototype. We spend more than half a year in creating our calendars and diary.

Four designers were in charge of our 2017 calendars and diary – D-BROS art director Ryosuke Uehara (KIGI) and DRAFT designers Takuma Fukusawa, Kazuya Iwanaga, and Asako Koyama. Some of them work on our calendars every year, while it’s the first time for some of them. In our web magazine, they will share how they come up with their designs for our products, their unspoken thoughts behind monozukuri or making things, and the things they pay particular attention to. They’ll be uploaded one after the other, so please watch out for our posts!


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▼You can purchase a 2017 DIARY at the D-BROS WEB STORE.


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