Hello, I’m Asako Koyama, a designer. Ever since I’ve joined DRAFT, there are things that I always buy whenever I go overseas. And those things are sticky note pads – the kind that you can write notes on.


And that’s because I write notes for lots of people who have missed incoming phone calls. I write a lot of these in a day, so relatively speaking, I use up a lot of my sticky note pads.

Of course we have a lot of sticky notes in the office, but I don’t really like those ones with pale pastel colors…

When I went overseas several years ago, I found some sticky note pads in a supermarket with fine color shades that I liked, so from then on I’ve been buying sticky note pads abroad. (Although I’ve used up the ones I first found in the supermarket…)


Sticky note pads with fluorescent colors are also sold in Japan, but the shades of the ones from abroad are subtly different. Sometimes though, the ones from overseas have colors that are too dark that when you write on them using a black pen, the words are difficult to read.

Also, the sticky parts of some of the sticky note pads that I’ve bought recently are alternately located on opposite sides of the reverse side, so when I’m in a hurry taking down notes while I’m on the phone, I’ve had trouble not knowing from which side to peel from, and the notes stretch out like an accordion…(I still don’t know why they put the sticky parts alternately.)

It’s a rather trivial obsession, but I keep on posting sticky notes, hoping that people would stop for a moment and notice the unusual sticky note that I’ve posted.

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