Hello, I am Kazuya Iwanaga, the designer of the Creator’s Diary. Today I’m also going to talk about the diary. The 2016 D-BROS Creator’s Diary has finally been completed. This year, we are offering it in a regular size and a mini size, and in 3 colors: red, black and white.

diary-879x496Thankfully, the red and black versions were very popular so we are offering the same kinds as last year. We tried making a white one before but it stained easily. This time, we chose a material wherein stains can be easily removed with a slight wipe so we hope you would check it out.

I’ve also improved the inside. We get a lot of requests every year for monthly pages and a pocket for business cards and small documents so I’ve added those. I also got creative with the pages’ lower half where your long-term schedule is managed. I removed the monthly part and lightened the color that sets it apart so that you can use this lower half more freely for writing notes and other things.

Small improvements are made to the D-BROS Creator’s Diary every year in terms of color and the inside part. I’ve made a number of improvements this year so I really hope that you will purchase it. By the way, there are 3 colors this year so it might be difficult to choose but personally, I am thinking of getting the white one for next year.


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