Drinking Glasses Abounding in Their Designers’ Playful Creativity and Meticulousness

7/27/2016 Editor's Blog, Products Last modified 3 years ago

Today I’d like to share with you a product that we recommend for summer. There’s something a little special about our D-BROS drinking glasses that make them more fun each time you use them. Anyone who holds one of these glasses for the first time is always astounded, making it one of our popular gift products.

This is our “Method of Drinking Fairy Tale” glass. It uses the effect of an object appearing larger when water is poured in it – the illustration on the other side of the glass appears bigger. The wolf gets bigger and bigger as the glass is filled, making it look as if it is about to attack Little Red Riding Hood. But everything returns to normal once you finish drinking all of the water. This is the kind of drinking glass that makes you enjoy those simple, ordinary moments of everyday life.


This drinking glass has two aspects reflecting the designer’s meticulousness. The first is the vivid transfer print that faithfully reproduces the drawings of designer Yoshie Watanabe. The same skin tone with bright and dark shades, the color depth of the leaves, the wolf’s fur – more than 12 ink colors were used to portray the subtle shades of Ms. Watanabe’s illustrations. We have been partners with a transfer print craftsman for many years, and for this reason, we have achieved the vibrant colors in our drinking glasses.


The second aspect is that the beautiful transfer print is also visible from the inside. Usually, transfer prints on drinking glasses are only done on the outside, and most transfer print glasses are white inside, but in our glasses, the trick can only be complete by viewing the inside as well, so we went out of our way to transfer print the illustration on the inside as well as on the outside. This doubled our labor and costs, but we did this because of the designer’s meticulousness. Even though this increased the price a bit, it was the designer’s desire to impart excitement and surprise.


This line of drinking glasses has been popular since its introduction in 2005, and four years ago, we’ve included “Alice In Wonderland” in the series. We also have mini glasses that we recommend for children. Their small size makes them easy to use.

I’ve been wanting to use these glasses someday with my own children, so I’ve kept them on a shelf ever since. I’ve decided to use them with my daughter this summer, and I’m looking forward to it starting today.

How about enjoying some time with your child by reminiscing about fairy tales using these glasses?


Our “Method of Drinking Fairy Tale” drinking glasses that I’ve shared with you today can be purchased here:

We also have other items with fairy tale themes. How about including those in your summer gifts as well?

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