Hello, I am Osada, a designer.

Today I’d like to talk about the thing that I’ve been continuously doing since I joined DRAFT.

Ever since, I’ve been buying more than one book per month at a bookstore. Art books, photo books, design books, magazines, fashion-related printed material…I go into a bookstore without a predetermined genre, I just go and find something that catches my attention.


When I started doing this, I made one rule. And that rule is, I can only buy one book in a day, and that book would be the one that I like the most on that day.

Among the many books available, it’s difficult to narrow it down to one book but by choosing just one book, I can figure out what I like and what’s in my mind the most. Even though I want several books, I only choose one. But when I really like something, there were times when I went back to the bookstore the next day…


「Moved Objects」by Geogia Hutchison & Arini Byng

The book in the picture above is the first book that I bought since I started doing this. It’s a collection of the works of a young artist from Australia. It consists of photographs of spaces that she created by combining different kinds of materials.



I don’t know much about this artist, and I also don’t know about the deep meanings in the works’ context. But I chose this book simply because I found the color schemes and the combination of materials interesting. It seems that the person who I was then liked this kind of book, and I bought others that were similar to this book.

You don’t only learn about things you don’t know from books – you can also learn things about yourself. Moreover, when you re-read a book, you’ll be able to remember the things that you were thinking about when you bought the book.

I’m curious about the kind of books that other people read – I think I’ll go ask them.



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