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Hello, I am Megumi Saito, a designer. I collect stamps as a hobby. It may sound really simple and unglamorous, but when you look at a stamp at first sight, I think your impression about stamps will change, so I thought of telling you about a few stamps today.

There are stamps that have cool designs, stamps with different shapes, ones with foil, lenticular ones, ones with scent…There are stamps with expensive printing, and ones with cheap ones too. It’s fun to grasp a country’s characteristics through stamps.

I don’t try to be that conscious about it, but I feel that the Netherlands, Mexico, Eastern Germany, and Uruguay are the countries with characteristic stamps.

Also, I don’t have certain themes in mind while collecting, but I try to make an effort to collect stamps about space, the Olympics, animals, Christmas, and plants.

I keep my stamps in a stamp booklet. Sometimes, I bring it to work as a kind of reference.


I have three of these booklets. I also have plastic file folders wherein I keep sheets of stamps.

Today I’d like to share ones from the Netherlands.


Out of all the stamps that I have, these are my most favorite ones. They were issued in 1972 in the Netherlands.

They have a nice shape and pretty hues. I have a set of four.

megumi003-1024x767Stamps with a computer graphic design (1970)

You can tell what period these stamps are from from the lettering. You can’t really tell from the picture but both edges have silver foil. The ones with color have black foil in the pictures, so they exude a certain heft.


Stamps from the Netherlands have vivid colors and are quite beautiful.

I buy stamps feeling as if I am collecting small posters. They’re not as cumbersome as posters, and you can look at all of them all at once. Even premium ones are are inexpensive.

I recommend collecting stamps to those who are looking for a hobby.

I don’t have a lot of friends who are into collecting stamps, so every day I hope someone would start doing it too. (Although it seems that Tanaka, one of my colleagues, has started collecting stamps. Thank goodness!)



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About the Author

Megumi Saito

Born in Chiba Japan.
Graduated from Tama Art University.
Via Onuki design office, joined Draft co,ltd in 2013.