It’s June, and time flies so fast that we’re now halfway through 2016.

Last May, we featured designer Kazuya Iwanaga’s behind-the-scenes, secret stories about the production of the Creator’s Diary (from start to finish). He is now in the middle of creating next year’s 2017 calendar and diary. Product planning started in January, and the design and specifications were finally decided upon last month. Once they’re done, we’d like to be the first to feature these products here at the magazine, so we hope you’d wait for our post just a little bit longer.

In the midst of all this, D-BROS is hoping that more people will use the Creator’s Diary, so it decided to offer the 2016 Creator’s Diary at a special introductory price of 1,000 yen!


The D-BROS Creator’s Diary is a commercial version of the diaries that designers and producers actually used during the production process of their past projects. The vertical part can accommodate daily schedules, while the horizontal part can be used to manage long-term projects. Schedules of long-term projects can be seen at a glance when the accordion folds are expanded. Dates, places, notes and other things that you try to keep in your head can be organized in this single diary.


As you’d expect, the Creator’s Diary is beloved by all DRAFT designers and producers. Please do give it a try in these remaining 6 months of 2016.

▼You can purchase a Creator’s Diary at the D-BROS TOKYO.
2016 Creator’s Diary

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▼Our FINAL SALE for our 2016 calendars is ongoing!
Calendars are available for purchase until the end of June.

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