Hello. It will be almost one year since I started working here. My name is Endo.Do you know of the Flower Vase of D-BROS?If you have, I will be very happy.

It’s because it was that product that motivated me to work with DRAFT.I think it was when I was in university that I first witnessed the vase.It was a flat transparent material that stood up when water was added. The water inside glittered beautifully and the colorful graphics printed there showed a sparkle that could not be felt from posters.

It was already pretty without a flower, but when flower was added, it looked even more magnificent.
But I didn’t know why.Looking at the material or the graphic, there was nothing exceptional or special about it.Even so, it gives off a surprising presence.

I thought it was a very powerful design.A long time has passed, and even now, after I joined DRAFT, I still feel the same way.No matter how many times I look at it or use it, I think it has a powerful design.

It is also very handy and easy to use.So I start thinking.There must be some intricate calculations behind the design.It is hidden this well, so it must be a tremendous secret.

Now! Time to investigate!

However, as a newcomer I wasn’t able to find the right answer.It’s about sensing. It’s feelings. I was too busy; I don’t remember. Most of the answers were vague and avoided the question.

But, I know there is a secret. There has to be.I want to gain more experience and plan to uncover the secret someday. I am thinking about this everyday.