Hello, it’s Maehara.
Recently, we’ve had a new addition to our family.


We used to be just two people in our home, and now that we have three people, my wife suddenly became a mother, and me, a father. Just up until yesterday, we’ve lived our lives the way we wanted, but now our lives have drastically changed, with us caring for another person, day in and day out. Our son cries when he’s hungry (maybe), when he’s sleepy (maybe), and when he wants to be carried (maybe).

We finish everything that we need to do while he’s asleep. Before he was born, we’d put things off because they were a pain in the neck but now, we’d have to do them right away because we never know when the time will come when we’ll be able to do them.


Looking at my wife, I feel that the mothers of this world really work a lot. When they start moving to care for their children, they naturally become efficient at thinking and working because otherwise time would run out.

If you think about it, it’s quite obvious but a baby turns a woman into a mother.
When her baby won’t transition to solid food, she worries.
And even just a smile from her baby makes her happy.
So she tries all sorts of things to make her baby smile.
And even if she dresses her baby in a funny way, she can’t help but think that her child’s still cute.


To save money and for a healthier me, she makes me a packed lunch to bring to work.
She’s learned how to drive just in case there’s an emergency.
She’s discovered a meat shop at the local shopping district where the meat is inexpensive and delicious.
She reads blogs by other mothers who’ve given birth at around the same time, and she begins to worry about her own child.
Everyday’s fun. Scratch that, everyday’s hard. Even I can tell how much our lives have changed.


In any case, I truly think that a mother is someone who’s truly great.
Regardless, I am grateful. To all the mothers of the world! You work so hard everyday, thank you!
With a child-centric life (even just on weekends and weekday mornings), I somehow feel I that stand up straighter, that I’m more proper and serious.
Having said that, my life’s rather chaotic, but when I get home, I live properly. I do matter-of-fact things in a matter-of-fact way, and I’ve rediscovered how good this feels.
When a child is born, remembering one’s childhood comes naturally. Remembering yourself, and your own mother.

Thank you for raising me to be the person that I am. For this, I am really grateful.

photo by oyama megumi

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