Hello, I’m Iwanaga, the designer. Today I’d like to tell you more about the Creator’s Diary. Specifically, I’m going to talk about the year that’s printed on the fore edge of the diary.

The Creator’s Diary is structured like an accordion, and by utilizing its construction, we’ve printed the year on the fore edge of the diary since 2012 so that it’s easy to tell what year it is.


Truthfully speaking, the Creator’s Diary is a product that’s quite frustrating for the binding company to make. The diary won’t work if the accordion folds and the dates’ demarcating lines don’t match perfectly. Presently, it’s popular for accordion-type books to be folded and bound by machine, but if it’s done by machine the folds and the position of the lines wouldn’t match so even if it takes more effort and costs more, we have the Creator’s Diary folded by hand.

The year on the fore edge is segmented on the “mountain fold” (top fold) of the accordion, and if this is also out of alignment, the diary won’t work, so the hand-folding is indeed an incredible technique.


The first sample of next year’s diary was completed the other day, and it looks like this one’s going to be a wonderful one too. I hope you’ll look forward to it.


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