Hello, I am Kazuya Iwanaga, the designer of last year’s Creator’s Diary. I’ve also been tasked to design this year’s Creator’s Diary, and today I’d like to talk about the information written on the flip side of the diary.

The front part of the Creator’s Diary contains the diary, and the flip side contains space for writing notes and memos. As might be expected from a diary called “Creator’s Diary,” every year, we choose technical information that creators will find useful to be included in the latter half of the flip side such as standard paper sizes, template sizes, types of paper grain, types of bookbinding, newspaper advertisement sizes and other information that creator enthusiasts will love.


When designers design, they are told what standard paper size to use, and they think of how large their designs should be based on template sizes and pagination. When creating books, they consider what type of bookbinding to use, and also often think about what sizes can be posted by mail. During times like these, the information that we’ve included at the flip side of the diary will prove to be useful. Detailed information that enthusiasts will love are included, information that is surprisingly interesting so we hope that you can take a look if you can.

This year, planning meetings for the diary have already been concluded, and we are now entering the initial prototype phase. For next year’s diary, I’ve chosen colors that are  a little different from what people come to expect when thinking of the Creator’s Diary’s color. They’re really pretty colors  so I am really excited for the finished products.


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