By Popular Demand, We’ve Mapped Out our Flower Vase Fairs Just for You!

5/2/2016 Information Last modified 3 years ago

We often receive phone calls at the D-BROS office from people asking where they could buy our flower vases. We’re really happy during these moments – these are the times when we hear directly from our customers. We’re always inclined to respond that the flower vases are available at our own store at the second floor of “ecute” at Shinagawa Station, but the phone calls are overwhelmingly from people who live in other areas of Japan.Therefore, we’ve created “Flower Vase Mapping,” a map that offers information about our flower vase fairs all over the world.



If you look at this page, you can immediately find out where D-BROS fairs are being held. We also plan to map future fairs as needed. Just as flowers bloom all over the world, we’re planning on having our flower vase fairs pop up everywhere, and not just in Japan! We’re hoping to hold these fairs in various places, especially for those who have called us and live far away from Tokyo. At many of these fairs, we have exhibits where the flower vases actually have water in them, showcasing their inherent beauty. The vases have many designs, so we hope that you’ll find the perfect one for your home.

Please drop by when one of our pop-up stores come to your area. We look forward to seeing you there.

▼A D-BROS fair is ongoing in Thailand! For more information, please click here: Flower Vase Mapping



▼New flower vase designs are now on sale here!

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