Only available at our D-BROS Shinagawa store, our “STAMP it” stamps are actually unfinished products when they are displayed in the store.

We have 27 kinds of items in the STAMP it line-up including blank notebooks, cards and more than 200 kinds of stamps designed by D-BROS.

Customers use the stamps to freely create their own designs to create a one-of-a-kind item. After the stamps are pressed, the product is finally “finished.”


D80_1630-879x496▲Stamps change according to the season

For those who find drawing free-hand and customizing things a bit of a challenge, the ease of creating a design by merely mixing, matching, and stamping is one of the characteristics of stamps.

The ink is contained within the stamp so pushing the stamp down results in a clean stamp. This also allows small children and elderly people to use the stamps easily and in a casual, fun way. Occasionally, there may be some faint smudges, but that is also the allure of something handmade.

To those who are worried about not making a clean stamp – don’t worry. We also have stamps that can hide imperfections. Our staff will be happy to help so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Presently, the most popular items in our store are:
No.1 – postcards
No. 2 – special envelopes for monetary gifts
No. 3 – size A5 notebooks

In Japan, there are plenty of occasions for celebrating during spring such as graduations and going to school for the first time. How about giving a handmade card or an envelope for a monetary gift?


Trying to imagine what kinds of stamp combinations would look good, or what kinds of stamps the receiver of your gift will like is fun. While you’re having fun imagining, we’d be happy if you’ll also experience our thinking that “design is fun,” a thought that D-BROS values.

When you’re in Japan, please do come and visit us at our D-BROS Shinagawa store.

Our store is conveniently located within Shinagawa Station, which is easily accessible from Haneda Airport.

JR Shinagawa station, ecute Shinagawa 2F
3-26-27 Takanawa Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0074, Japan
TEL&FAX +81-3-3443-5211
OPEN 10:00-22:00(sun/holiday 20:30)

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