April begins today. It feels warmer, and it feels like spring is near. We’re also beginning to see many more colorful flowers at flower shops.

We have new flowers at our DRAFT office every week; and the relaxing feeling that comes with looking at flowers is indeed wonderful.

Our flower vase debuted in 2003, and since then, we have presented more than 70 different iterations over the years. We often hear from our customers that it’s difficult to choose a flower vase because there are so many designs to choose from. For those who cannot decide, we’ve narrowed the choices down to our six most popular designs. Today, we’d like to share with you our “Best Six.”

Number 6: Red and Brown Mini Flower Vases
The graded color schemes of these vases exude warmth, with hues that easily adapt to any room.
Number 5: Yellow and Blue Mini Flower Vases
We recommend these for the coming season with their refreshing, graded color schemes.


Number 4: Red and White Mini Flower Vases
The dotted design of these vases makes a cute impression. When filled with water, the dots overlap, creating an intriguing pattern.


Number 3: Jelly Grape Flower Vases
These vases emit a more mature vibe with their graded color schemes. We recommend these for those who want a simpler look.


Number 2: Jelly Peach Flower Vases
These vases feature nuances of spring with their spring-like color schemes. Their pretty hues almost seem to come from the colors of flowers themselves melting into the vases.


Number 1: Green and Blue Mini Flower Vases
Vivid greens and blues set off gradations of yellow and purple. Feel invigorated by matching these vases with colorful flowers.


As you can see, our mini vases that lend themselves to effortless flower-arranging have recently been the most popular by far. They are the perfect size for arranging the mini bouquets sold at flower shops. By the way, I arrange my flowers is a regular-sized vase at first, and then I remove the flowers, cut them, and transfer them to my mini vases, using both sizes for one set of flowers.

We also recommend using different sizes for different places for a well-balanced look to your interiors – mini sized-ones for the dining table, regular and large-sized ones on top of shelves.

Vases with simple designs that match any flower such as those with gradation seem popular. We have many designs so we hope that you will choose your vase based on what you’re feeling that day, or what blooms you have on hand. We also hope that you will also experience the joy of choosing your vase for the day.


▼You can purchase a flower vase at the D-BROS TOKYO.

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