Focusing on the typeface, our Typeface Calendar series pursues design that beautifully highlights the typeface itself. A calendar that’s becoming of a design-company, our Typeface Calendar is a D-BROS classic, having reached its ninth year this year since its launch in 2008. We now have three types in the Typeface Calendar line-up: beginning this year, we’ve added desktop and poster versions to the original wall-type calendar.

▲From left to right: desktop-type, wall-type, poster-type calendars

Measuring 728 x 1030 mm, our large-sized (size B1) poster-type calendar is easy to read, and it also makes a bold statement as part of your interior decoration.

Due to popular demand, we now offer our poster-type calendar by the month! For those who want a calendar for the whole year, we also offer a reasonably-priced set of posters.


Its simple design easily matches any interior; and we recommend it for offices, schools, and large living rooms. Starting this year, we’ve been using it at our DRAFT offices because of its convenience – its large numbers and letters are easy to read from afar.


It’s a little difficult to see in the photo, but weekends and holidays are printed in a vivid, fluorescent orange which the designer was particular about. Each sheet is silk-printed, resulting in a very luxurious calendar.


▼You can purchase a 2016 TYPEFACE CALENDAR at the D-BROS TOKYO.

▼The desktop-type calendar is now available at a special price!

▼We also have an interview with Takahiro Yasuda, the designer of the Typeface Calendar about the design process at our D-BROS MAGAZINE.
Presenting the 3rd Installment in the D-BROS Typeface Calendar Series: the Typeface for the 2016 version is “Akzidenz-Grotesk” from Berlin!