“Your eyes deceive you” has the same meaning as the method commonly used in surrealism. Incorporating this mirror mechanism often used in trick art into the things around us would be interesting. This idea led to the starting point of the creation of the mirror cup. The reason why we made it a Cup&Saucer is that the idea of the horizontal design on the saucer that extends vertically disappearing upon letting go of the cup was fascinating.

However, it is our first time creating ceramics. The idea is ready, but we don’t even know if it is technically possible. We began with research.

Then, we came upon the “Hasamiyaki” in Nagasaki. The “Hasamiyaki” is thin and hard, so the mirror finishing comes off beautifully. The white porcelain cups and saucers made here are taken to Tajimi in the Gifu prefecture. Using melted palladium powder, a craftsman paints and finishes each ceramic by hand.

By applying palladium, unseen scratches become visible. The finished product is without a single unevenness in the brushwork. It is a masterpiece only possible a professional craftsman could make.

This happened while all work on the design was also being carried out. It is intriguing how straight lines are reflected as curved lines and vice versa. The height of the table and the distance between the person and the cup are researched and the lines are drawn by hand. In order to enjoy the change in design each time the cup is moved, we made the saucer slightly large. We made it appealing even when used by itself as plate. Such thoughts and effort are put into this product.


While drinking some pleasant tea, why don’t you enjoy some beautiful trick art?


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