Freshly cooked rice is just delicious.

On a cold morning, when I open the jar in a chilling kitchen, there is steaming rice.

It feels like I am being told good morning, and it makes me happy.

I think the freshness is expressed by the smell and appearance, and I am unconsciously sensing that feeling.

What I have been thinking lately is that designing is the same thing.

Although once a design is complete it walks on its own and lives on almost forever, I am talking about the story before it is complete.

When an idea is born, it is truly sparkling, and it feels that with it I can overcome anything.

However, when I start putting that idea into shape, time passes while I am thinking, worrying, and adjusting, and that idea soon starts to feel helpless.

It’s probably that an idea is still fresh when it’s first thought of, but by itself is still something very weak.

Therefore, as time passes, it starts to fade.

When the idea is fading, it becomes difficult to make it tasty, therefore making it hard to cook.

It is such a waste.

This happens to me way too often, and I feel it is a terrible waste.

I want to become faster and eat good ideas while they are still tasty. This is how I want to work.