Utilizing the Creator’s Diary: Make it Your Very Own by Adding Accessories

2/12/2016 Editor's Blog Last modified 3 years ago

You open your diary almost everyday, so it’s something that you’d like to use and cherish with affection. There are many Draft employees who use accessories to personalize their diaries and to make them their own. Today we’d like to share with you little techniques that you can apply to the Creator’s Diary.


This is the diary of a producer. A paperclip is used instead of a bookmark so that today’s page can immediately be opened. Necessary documents and direct mail can also be attached using the paperclip, rendering it very useful.


This is the diary of another producer. Projects are easily understood and managed through the use of stickers and color-coding using highlighters. Stickers also make the pages look fun, and they also lighten your mood.


This is the diary of a producer who has loved the mini Creator’s Diary since it was launched. She wants to keep the number of her personal effects to the minimum, so she uses a diary paperclip to attach her pen to the diary. With this, she doesn’t need a pencil case so she can have meetings with just her diary in tow.


Decorating the cover with stickers and using accessories to customize your diary for a diary that’s uniquely your own – this will surely make opening your diary much more fun.

Please enjoy using your 2016 Creator’s Diary everyday.

▼Buy the 2016 Diary “Creator’s Diary” here. 

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