Once upon a time, one designer was working in a room adjacent to a garden with a giant cherry blossom tree in the middle.

He filled up plastic bags that used to contain shampoo with water and posted a number of labels on it.

After finishing the day’s job, he went home without cleaning up his workplace.

When he came to work the next morning, there was a flower in the plastic bag.

It was something that the other designer did using the flowers in the garden.

“This is nice. It might be fun.”

If this random discovery had been ignored, this product would not have been born.

First I added some graphic designs to cylindrical containers, but that did not quite spark my interest.

Some designs were simply added to the surface and the shape of the container itself lacked a punch.

On a certain day half a year later, I got a hint from a decompressing bag for my futon. I came up with an idea of heat compressing vinyl and shaping the film into a flower vase.

To try it out, I drew a Venetian glass-like design on the vinyl and heat compressed it with iron. The finished product was exactly like a glass flower vase.

This is how the prototype for the flower vase was born.

About one year has passed since that accidental discovery on that ordinary day.