Enjoying Good Food and Good Times with KIKOF Tableware

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The appearance of food alters just by changing its serving dish. The beautiful hues and form of KIKOF pieces gorgeously elevate your table setting, further enhancing good times spent at the table. KIKOF tableware come in 4 colors: white, gray, pink, and blue.


The times spent around the table surrounded by a congenial circle of friends and people dear to your heart are beautiful moments that make good food taste even more delicious.


We recommend our white and gray pieces for vibrant, colorful dishes. These two colors showcase your food in an extra special way.


Our pink and blue pieces impart a soft impression, and are perfect for cakes, desserts, and coffee after the meal. With these pieces, food is beautifully presented whether the cuisine is Japanese, Western, or Chinese-style, and they can even be used for Christmas dinner. Use a different color as an accent piece, or pull your party table look together with one color.

We create each piece with the hope that you will use your KIKOF pieces when you lay back and relax, and when you spend time with those near and dear to you.

“Spending each moment graciously.”

When you distance yourself from your day-to-day life to experience a calmer, slower-paced way of living, we hope that you will use pieces made of porcelain – a gentle, pleasing material.


Its lines and form covey a graphic vibe, but there is warmth in each KIKOF piece carefully handcrafted by an artisan. Given as a gift, the giver’s thoughts and intentions attach themselves to that warmth, which will surely be understood and felt by the recipient. To give or to lay at the table for special occasions, we hope you will opt to use KIKOF pieces.

text:Mina Terada(KIGI)

>>About KIKOF
KIKOF emerged from the endeavors of the “Mother Lake Products Project.” It is a brand of products jointly developed by Kigi, a design company involved in various fields including graphic design, product design and fashion centering on Tokyo, and skilled artisans trained in traditional handicrafts whose efforts are concentrated around Lake Biwa and its environs in Shiga Prefecture.

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