The Creator’s Diary by D-BROS is formatted in a way where you write the day’s schedule vertically and the plans for each project horizontally. A whole year’s schedule is written on one sheet of paper so long-term projects and schedules can be seen at a glance.


Born from hand-made diaries initially used by the company’s designers for managing their projects’ progress, the Creator’s Diary is a commodification of those initial diaries.

Naturally, all Draft company employees use this diary. Today we’d like to share with you how one designer utilizes the diary.


The upper half contains the day’s schedule, and the lower half is used for notes and to-do lists.


Managing the schedule is done by making one’s own rules such as color-coding: general items are written in blue, personal tasks and important notes are written in red. No matter how many plans are made, everything is visible at a glance, and what needs to be done today is immediately grasped.

Also, important items are written on Post-its and stuck on the diary. When these are completed, the Post-its can then be peeled off, allowing oneself to organize priorities.

Designers really have a lot of work that involve plenty of detailed tasks, so it seems that many of them use the “Project Column” (the lower half of the diary) as a space for to-do lists, but people use their diaries in different ways. Make your own rules, and create your own easy-to-understand diary.



▼Buy the 2016 Diary “Creator’s Diary” here. 

▼Designers involved in the creation of  the diary also share their thoughts during the design process, as well as their meticulous commitment to detail.
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