KIKOF is a product brand born from the Mother Lake Products Project. It was joint-developed with KIGI, which mainly operates in Tokyo producing various creations from graphics, products, fashion, and traditional craftsmen who operate around the Biwako Lake in the Shiga Prefecture.

The octagon base created only from straight lines has a simple final shape that looks like it was molded by paper. This expression that emulates paper, gave birth to a thin, light tableware. The linear rigidness, ceramic’s gentle impression, and the glazed tone that was tested multiple times created a unique texture, giving off a taste that cannot be portrayed by porcelain.
The naming of the plates is also very pretty. Coming from the changing colors of the Biwako Lake during different times of the day, it is called Morning blue, Noon white, and Sunset Pink. The engraved number 670.25 represents the size of the Biwako Lake.



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