Today we’d like to introduce the Creator’s Diary to you. With this diary from D-BROS, you can organize your schedule and have a bird’s eye view of your whole year at a glance. Conceptualized from hand-made job sheets that the company’s designers used in the past, the Creator’s Diary is the commodification of those initial job sheets.
Write your daily schedule in the vertical columns, and projects with a set period of time in the horizontal rows. The diary was formatted in a way so that designers, who work on various long-term projects, can grasp their current situation at a glance.

That said, this isn’t a diary solely for creators. Being able to see your schedule all listed out is very helpful in grasping your overall year. We also recommend this diary to office workers, students, and homemakers who will also find it very useful.

In this installment of the D-BROS MAGAZINE, we’d like to share with you an example of how to use the Creator’s Diary.

First, I’d like to show you how I use my Creator’s Diary. This is the diary that I am using now. I’m in charge of managing D-BROS’s online store and PR, so I manage products’ release dates, web page creation schedules, and PR activities’ schedules by item and by project.


Several things are going on simultaneously so there are many things that I have to do. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and impatient; and when this happens, I write out the things that I have to do in my diary.

I decide on and write down the project’s goal (in this case, a product’s release date) first and then create my schedule backwards. Schedules change, so a pencil or an erasable ballpoint pen is a must.


When you write your schedule down backwards, you can clearly see what your priorities are. You can see at what part of the project you are in now, and what you have to do today. This diary organizes what’s constantly in my head for me.

By the way, when I’m taking down notes during meetings, I use the Pen and Note by D-BROS FOR BUSINESS. I used the red Creator’s Diary this 2015, so I’m using the red Pen and Note too to match my diary.

The colors for the Creator’s Diary for 2016 has increased to three colors. For next year, I’m thinking of getting the white one for a refreshing and restorative feel.

If you’re thinking of what diary to buy, I hope you’ll get the Creator’s Diary!


▼Buy the 2016 Diary “Creator’s Diary” here

▼Designers involved in the creation of  the diary also share their thoughts during the design process, as well as their meticulous commitment to detail.
Creator’s Diary: From Start to Finish (Completed Version)
CREATOR’S DIARY: From Start to Finish (Main Body)
“Creator’s Diary” :This in an indispensable diary for very busy creators.