The calendars in our TYPEFACE CALENDAR series are simple, with an emphasis on the beauty of the typeface. As a design company, we’ve always wanted to create a simple, beautiful and timeless calendar, thus this series was born.

First released in 2007, this year’s calendar is the ninth in the series. In these nine years, this calendar which has become a classic at D-BROS has evolved through much trial and error. Today we would like to share with you the history of the TYPEFACE CALENDAR.

We choose one typeface as a theme for each calendar, and design it around that typeface. The standards for choosing the typeface include beauty, familiarity, and the degree of how basic it is. DRAFT designer Masahi Tentaku designed the calendars from 2008 to 2013; and beginning 2014, Takahiro Yasuda took over.

Precisely because it’s a simple calendar with just numbers and letters, the viewer’s way of looking at it and impression of it changes through the typeface and detailed design. Behind the feel of each letter and number, the use of white space, and the uniformity of its appearance when looking at each month lie subtle and minute design tasks undertaken by the designer. While the design looks simple at first glance, the calendar is actually a result of the pursuit of very deep design.

▼The very first TYPEFACE CALENDAR for the year 2008 featured “Bodoni.”
From a number of candidate typefaces, we chose Bodoni, a serif* typeface with a certain nuance, yielding a soft impression when the calendar is hung in a room.
*Similar to a Ming-style typeface, a serif typeface is a typeface which has accents at the ends of the letters’ and numbers’ strokes.

▼The 2009 calendar featured “News Gothic.”
2009_News-Gothic-1024x769To change the impression of the second calendar, we chose a sans serif* typeface.
*Similar to a Gothic typeface, a sans serif typeface is one without serifs.

▼The 2010 calendar featured “Caslon 540.”
We chose this typeface influenced by the typeface used for a bakery in Sendai, Japan, whose branding DRAFT was in charge of. We also collaborated with Caslon to release this limited-edition calendar.

▼The 2011 calendar featured “Futura.”
We wanted to show the appeal of not just the numbers but the letters as well, so starting with the calendar for this year, we changed the design to show the letters of the days by displaying the numbers and letters vertically.

▼The 2012 calendar featured “Century.”
A calendar such as this with the letters and numbers displayed vertically is rare in Japan, so there were those were for it and those against it.

▼The 2013 calendar featured “Universe.”
We reconsidered the design for this year, taking into account readability while maintaining beauty, and gave the calendar a certain playfulness from a graphic design point of view.

▼The 2014 calendar featured “Stone.”
The designer for this series changed with the 2014 calendar. We re-thought its specifications, starting with the quality of the paper, and changed the cotter pin that held the papers in place to perforations. We also revitalized the design and its look, giving way to the rebirth of the TYPEFACE CALENDAR.

▼The 2015 calendar features “Peignot.”
For a brighter impression when the calendar is hung in a room, we used two colors for printing – red and blue. Combined with the feel of “Peignot,” the result is an unusual, finished look.

▼The 2016 calendar features “Akzidenz-Grotesk.”
Finally, the 2016 version which is the ninth in the series features two newly-released types – a desktop calendar and a poster-sized (B1) version, in addition to the standard wall-type version.

Our hope is to offer beautiful design to as many people in their daily lives. With this in mind, our designers tirelessly pursue design. We’d be happy if you somehow feel brighter, gentler and invigorated when you decorate your room with a D-BROS calendar.

▼You can purchase a 2016 TYPEFACE CALENDAR at the D-BROS TOKYO.

▼Read about Takahiro Yasuda, the designer of the 2016 version and his attention to detail in creating this calendar, as well as behind-the-scenes stories during the production process here.
Presenting the 3rd Installment in the D-BROS Typeface Calendar Series: the Typeface for the 2016 version is “Akzidenz-Grotesk” from Berlin!