In 2015, new colors for the Flower Vase have arrived. The fourteenth product of the series is hand drawn. You can enjoy the uniqueness of the ink only made possible with the work of the human hand. I have asked the designer who drew the artwork the story behind the production. (Designer: Masashi Tentaku)

–How did you decide on the design of the product?

Tentaku : As always, I asked the pair from KIGI (Ryosuke Uehara and Yoshie Watanabe), “What kind of style should we make the design this time?”. An idea about trying out a hand drawn design came up and I began a rough production. There were ideas of other styles, but in the drafting process there were several promising designs, so I challenged myself to hand draw them for the first time. A hand drawn design does not mean it is completely random; I tried maintaining a pattern while at the same time not making it too rigid.

Instead of uniform lines that look like they were made by machines, I was careful in adding human aspects to lines. Thinking about how the flower vase will look in 3D when water is added, I adjusted the thickness and density of the lines.

–Are the zigzag lines drawn in one brushstroke?

Tentaku: No. The ink on the brush does not last that long, so the brush is dipped with every new line and carefully drawn changing the angle of the brushstroke.

–Before printing on the vinyl, was the design drawn on paper, and scanned when it was decided?

Tentaku: Yes. I made a draft and drew it to the same scale.

–By the way, did you make many sketches?

Tentaku: I drew a lot, but without doing so, the design looks like an amateur drew them and the lines seem awkward. These are small preferences, but I drew until I was able to grasp the feeling of things such as the brush’s blur and the ink’s concentration.


–Did you practice a lot?

Tentaku: Yes. I tried to make it look organized and at the same time uneven. The same goes for letters, but with work on the computer becoming common and manual work decreasing, I cannot write the line or letter that I picture right away. I need to draw it a couple times, and when my hand finally gets used to it, I am able to grasp the right feeling.

The new flower vases in which you can you enjoy the hand drawn texture come in the popular sizes: large and small.
With the start of a new season, how about adding some flower to your life with the colorful flower vase and experiencing a spring sensation?



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