Game 3 in the Rocca Line-up: “Rocca Town,” an Expanding Colorful Town

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Today we will introduce to you “Rocca Town,” the latest in the Rocca line-up wherein you can build houses and create towns.

This is the Kind of House that I Want

“Rocca Town” cards are designed with retro townscapes of old Europe. The windows and hallways are a little different from each other so each house has its own personality. Just looking at the cards is already fun in itself.


▲There are 60 cards in total: house cards with colorful rooftops, large rooftop cards, and “Trulie” cards; and one dice.


A Colorful Town Created by All Players

“Rocca Town” is a game wherein a colorful town expands by connecting houses together. By connecting houses of the same color, the player who gets rid of his/her cards the fastest is the winner. The “Trulie” card where Mr. Trulie Okamocek flies across the sky is the “destabilizing” card. Depending on the side of the dice, reversals are possible so the game becomes more exciting. With this game, make connections with other people, and widen these connections. Create a town exactly the way you want it to be.


▲A card with a white cat on top of the roof is a “lucky card” that allows a player to continuously lay the cards that he/she has. There are several “surreal” cats, each with a different pose, that blend into the cards. Part of the fun is looking for these cats.


▲The reverse sides of the cards are grass-green and look like cubes. Of course, these cards can also be used to play with as building blocks.

Rocca was exhibited at the “Future En-nichi”  exhibition held at Spiral Garden in Tokyo in the summer of 2014. Twelve groups of artists proposed new types of “festivals” that connect people together in this exhibition that was part of the Park HOMES EXPO 2014 hosted by Mitsui Fudosan Residential . “Rocca Town” was created specifically for this exhibition. This small game was created with the hope that it will bring people together as houses are connected together and towns are built.


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<What is Rocca?>
Rocca is a card game created by game designer Mr. Trulie Okamocek and art director and an alumnus of Draft, Mr. Masahiro Kakinohara of 10inc.. While flat, these three-dimensional-looking, somewhat intriguing cards are laid on top of each other. As the game progresses, they begin to resemble building blocks that form three-dimensional pictures. Using hexagonal cards, Rocca is a new type of game filled with surprises and fun.

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