Hello. This is Chi-na of D-BROS. Today I want to introduce some ways in which the Creator’s Diary can be used!

The top half of this diary has vertical columns and can be used to write down the daily schedule, while the bottom half has rows and can be used to organize projects that span over several days.Now I want to post a few examples of people who use the Creator’s Diary. First let’s start off with mine…

I share my daily schedule with my team over Google Drive, so I use the Creator’s Diary for “important things”, “long-term projects”, and “memos”. I write down D-BROS exhibitions, events, and fairs. This is a picture of my schedule next week.




Next week, there is an exhibition of D-BROS seasonal merchandise of next year, so I mainly have that schedule written down. We invite our business clients to the exhibition, and introduce merchandise such as calendars, diaries, and New Year cards. It is an exciting three days where we get to see the reactions of our buyers who are familiar with D-BROS products. Many business partners from the countryside will also come, so I am looking forward to these three days!
We will also introduce next year’s diary in this exhibition!

This other picture is from February of this year. There were only a few events in February, so I used the project space for notes. I wrote down what I had to do and checked the ones that I had completed. However, there are no checks in the boxes. Maybe I wasn’t able to get to it. I don’t remember much about February…




At Draft, the diary is given to all employees at the beginning of the year, so almost everyone uses it. I have been using the diary for two years. Next time, I want to introduce the designer’s edition that I have been using for years!