Game 2 in the Rocca Line-up: “Rocca Card Blocks,” Cards that Resemble Building Blocks

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The second installment in the Rocca line-up after “Rocca Classic” is “Rocca Card Blocks.”

Based on a Simple Building Block Game
While creating the first “Rocca Classic,” Mr. Okamocek and Mr. Kakinohara thought of different variations of the game utilizing the hexagonal nature of the cards. One of these variations is the most simple kind – that of playing with Rocca as building blocks. From this idea, “Rocca Card Blocks” was born.


▲The cards are in the shape of red, blue, yellow, and white cuboid blocks. The reverse sides of the cards show wooden grain with slight differences in nuance, conveying the fine attention to detail given during the design process.


▲The set includes a total of 60 cards, with 15 red, blue, yellow, and white cards each.


An Intuitive Game That Even Children Can Play With

The rules of “Rocca Match,” the color-matching game that can be played with “Rocca Card Blocks” are very simple. The game is essentially like the game Sevens, wherein a player picks two cards. If these cards match the player’s color, the player can take these two cards. If they do not match the player’s colors, the player puts the cards back. It is a game that both children and adults can play together. While the game is seemingly simple, both children and adults alike could lose because cuboid cards scattered on a table are more difficult to memorize compared to flat, rectangular playing cards.


An Infinite Number of Possibilities to be Enjoyed Using Imaginative Ideas – What Building Blocks Are and Should Be

Compared to other Rocca products, these “two-dimensional building blocks” that can be stacked on top of each other just like ordinary building blocks for playing have richer possibilities for expression. The instruction manual includes beautiful sample patterns by Mr. Yasuo Aizawa who designs building blocks for the Swiss company Naef. No matter how you look at them, they look like three-dimensional building blocks but in reality, they are all flat cards that are just stacked on top of each other.

As a game that cultivates imagination, creativity and concentration, how about rediscovering and enjoying the age-old, familiar game of building blocks through “Rocca Card Blocks?” As long as you have this set, you can enjoy playing with building blocks anywhere, anytime.


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<What is Rocca?>
Rocca is a card game created by game designer Mr. Trulie Okamocek and art director and an alumnus of Draft, Mr. Masahiro Kakinohara of 10inc.. While flat, these three-dimensional-looking, somewhat intriguing cards are laid on top of each other. As the game progresses, they begin to resemble building blocks that form three-dimensional pictures. Using hexagonal cards, Rocca is a new type of game filled with surprises and fun.

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