See your whole schedule at a glance in this classic accordion-type diary.
This in an indispensable diary for very busy creators.


Manage your schedule using vertical and horizontal columns

Write your daily schedule in the vertical columns, and manage your long-term projects using the horizontal columns.

Pull the accordion folds apart and take an extensive view of your long-term schedule at a glance.


Not only for creators

These diaries are beloved by a wide range of users from producers, directors, school teachers to hairdressers.

Available in two sizes – a regular size with plenty of space for writing, and a small, convenient size for carrying around.


▼Buy the 2016 Diary “Creator’s Diary” here

▼Designers involved in the creation of  the diary also share their thoughts during the design process, as well as their meticulous commitment to detail.
Creator’s Diary: From Start to Finish (Completed Version)
CREATOR’S DIARY: From Start to Finish (Main Body)