If a product is made using the mode of expression of graphic design, what kind of the world spreads out there?
If it comes and goes between a plane and a solid body freely, having playfulness, graphic designers are not bound by whom, either but have the desire to send something in people’s mind, and what kind of thing will be made?

It was a calendar that we tackled first 17 years ago.
It was the period when the calendar containing the logo of the enterprise built automatically aloofly had encamped the wall all the year round.
Then, probably, there are some persons who think that it is sufficient for business.
But it is more pleasant to decorate the room with its own favorite calendar built with the beautiful design or the unexpected idea. There are surely many people who are looking for it.
And the more those who enjoy themselves while living a design increased in number, the more I thought that I was fortunate and it became the society which was full of tenderness.
In the same way of thinking, when the surroundings were overlooked, there were many something to do still more and things which must be done.
And the greeting card, the notebook, one packing tape after another, etc. were announced.

It might be anew carried out in It is a height of the Japanese craftsman’s technical level. build a product only with yourself — it does not become precocious.
When such a thing that wants to build such a thing is made, I have you surely enjoy myself. Our design and idea might run against the difficult problem beyond common sense occasionally.
But it supported with the technique skillfully using materials, such as an acrylic, a tree, cloth.
It is property without our substitute and I regard it as it being pride of Japan too.

The design has the big strength which produces fortunate communication between people, a person and a person, and society.
Moreover, it is considered that it is in order to raise to the high-quality thing.
We D-BROS believes it.
And in order to send some warm things to your heart, I wish to release various goods from now on.
It is being wished it meets with our work and also alone many people can wish think “a design is pleasant” from the bottom of its heart.