A bear, pugs and giraffes all have their tongues sticking out!

This is a calendar featuring different kinds of adorable animals with their tongues sticking out all year round.


Even a slightly scary cheetah has its tongue sticking out!

03-240x300What animal could it be on the next page?

This calendar includes a set of 4 sheets of

matted tongues in between pages.

The same tongues that steadily become the tongues of different animals is part of the fun.



Use this as a room accent piece.

This is a perfect calendar for a child’s room.

The secret to its adorableness is also in its shape. An oval calendar is just too cute!


▼Buy the 2016 D-BROS calendars “BEEH” here


▼Designers involved in the creation of the calendars and the diary also share their thoughts during the design process, as well as their meticulous commitment to detail.
Presenting the “BEEH” Calendar of Adorable Animals: The 2nd Installment of D-BROS’s calendars for 2016!