“Rocca”: An Intriguing, Hexagonal Card Game Now Available at the D-BROS WEB STORE!

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Have you heard of the product called “Rocca?” Rocca is a card game created by Mr. Trulie Okamocek, a game designer, and Mr. Masahiro Kakinohara, and art director (10inc.). The cards are somewhat enigmatic – they are flat but they seem three-dimensional. As the game progresses, the cards begin to look like building blocks that allow the players to create three-dimensional-looking pictures. Rocco is a new type of card game that can be enjoyed both as a game and in the graphic design sense; it can be enjoyed by everyone to build towns and make trains run, among others. Just looking at each meticulously designed card evokes feelings of joy.

rocca_02-1024x682Gather round the table and spend fun times talking while playing – hours that cannot be had in high-tech games and can only be had while playing an “analog” game such as this. Rocca is a game that values such camaraderie and communication.

rocca_all-1024x790Rocca will be available at the D-BROS WEB STORE from November 6. There are a number of games in the Rocca series but the D-BROS WEB STORE will carry 4 types of card games. Each has a different design and method of playing so we will introduce these 4 types in our D-BROS MAGAZINE. Don’t miss it!


People fated to meet, the seemingly miraculous story of the birth of Rocca is a very wonderful story. Please take the time to read it.


In 1994, Mr. Trulie Okamocek was traveling around Europe when he coincidentally met the world-famous game designer Mr. Alex Randolph and his wife. This meeting became the catalyst for them bonding over card games and board games. In 2004, Alex passed away at 81 years of age. The day before Trulie visited Alex’s grave in the island of San Michele in Venice, an idea about a card game suddenly came to Trulie’s mind. While traveling, he finalized the details of his idea, and right after coming home, he called his designer friend Mr. Masahiro Kakinohara and asked him to be in charge of the game’s graphic design. What followed was the birth of Rocca.

-Excerpted from Rocca’s website


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“Rocca”: An Intriguing, Hexagonal Card Game Now Available at the D-BROS WEB STORE!
Game 1 in the Rocca Line-up: “Rocca Classic,” the Starting Point of Rocca
Game 2 in the Rocca Line-up: “Rocca Card Blocks,” Cards that Resemble Building Blocks
Game 3 in the Rocca Line-up: “Rocca Town,” an Expanding Colorful Town
Game 4 in the Rocca Line-up: “Rocca Rails,” An Intriguing Journey by Train

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