Hello, I am Takuma Fukuzawa, the designer of this calendar. Including the calendar for 2016, I have been creating calendars with animals as their theme for three consecutive years. I set my sight on “eyes” for the 2014 version; the 2015 featured “faces,” and for 2016, I focused on “tongues.”

▼2014 “eyes”


▼2015 “faces”




For animals, tongues are not only meant for tasting but they are also used to communicate, to express their feelings and to regulate their temperature among many other things. As a body part, tongues also impart a playful vibe. Combining “tongues,” “animals,” and “calendars” resulted in “BEEH.”*

I chose different kinds of animals so that it would be fun turning a new page every month. It was also fun for me to come up with various animals’ tongues – long ones, short ones, ones that were sticking out just a bit; and thinking of the animals’ feelings and expressions. “BEEH” has 12 main pages and 4 tongues on very red paper mounts for a total of 16 pages. Each page does not have its own tongue sticking out, rather, several tongues on paper pierce through so the same paper tongue transforms into different animals’ tongues which is part of the fun.

Even from the conceptualization stage, I already knew that actual production would be a difficult manual process so I consulted Cooperation Association UNICOLOR , a company in Kagoshima that I worked with previously on another project. During the sample stage, the company kindly advised me on what paper will pierce through easily, and on what form the calendar should be so that it could be made. We were able to create the calendar as a result of trial and error.

I hope that families with children, animal lovers and many other people will enjoy “BEEH.”

*Translator’s note: “Beeh” is the sound a person makes when he/she stickers his/her tongue out in Japanese.

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