Tracing Back to Childhood Memories

–Where did the idea of opening a door to reveal illustrations for a calendar come from?


The idea of opening and closing for a 3D effect came from Mr. Uehara (laughs).

–This year’s title is “Memory’s Door.” Last year’s title was “Memory” too, right?

▲The 2018 Calendar “Memory”

I used old photos as last year’s motif, but this time I drew each illustration using my own memories, an imaginary garden, and others.

–Specifically, what kind of illustrations are they?

Basically I drew nature – plants, some insects.

–You often use nature as your motifs.

I grew up surrounded by nature, so I can’t help it – I like drawing nature.

–That’s why (your illustrations) have a nostalgic feel – because of your background. You drew in ballpoint pen this time, right?


At first I used different media, but I wanted a thinner, straighter feel so I used ball pens. There are many things that can only be expressed in ball pen, such as thin, overlapping lines.

–Have you been drawing a lot in ball pen recently?

Actually, it’s been a while. That’s why I drew what I wanted that can only be expressed in ball pen. Aside from the illustrations, I also used the pen for the design, for stippling, and adding lines.

–Did you draw the illustrations with the months in mind?

I didn’t really draw thinking it was such and such month. I started by drawing what I wanted to draw, and once I had 12 illustrations, I thought of order and balance as I assigned them to the months.

–Do you have a favorite month?

Um, I don’t have a particular preference, but I like October’s black background.



Evoking an Image of a White Door

–The shapes of the doors are a little bit different from each other.

There are three shapes. I thought of another shape that opens vertically, but I had to keep the budget in mind so I had to abandon that idea. Open the door, and (the calendar) becomes 3D. I also thought that it would be interesting to have the door’s character change when it wobbles in the wind.


–It has a lightness and a sense of movement.

I wanted it to have three-dimensionality to some extent; and for people to open the door because the degree of opening is different from person to person. I wanted people to freely have fun with it.

–They’re completely white when the doors are closed.

At first I thought I’d put some letters on the door, but then I felt something’s off. So I decided on putting the letters to the side of the door which removed my sense of discomfort.


–It feels like you’re entering into a world of imagination – from a world of white to a different world depending on how much you open the door. It feels like I’m going to be looking at it all the time if I have it hanging in my room.

I’d be happy if people feel relaxed when they look at the calendar on busy days, or if it helps them give more than a passing thought to something.


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