Many of our customers look forward to our D-BROS calendars every year. Finally, our 2019 calendars and Creator’s Diary are now on sale!

Since it’s something you’ll use every day for a year, we want it to be fun, and we hope that you’ll enjoy it as part of your décor. As always, our designers included thoughtful details and fun tricks in our calendars (5 kinds), and in our classic Creator’s Diary (5 kinds), for a total of 11 items for 2019.



Design : Ryosuke Uehara(KIGI)

The calendar designed by Mr. Ryosuke Uehara for 2019 features a bold design in a large-sized format, and it utilizes “Helvetica,” a traditional typeface of Switzerland. Turn the page, and the “under bar” under the foil-embossed numbers 1 to 12 representing the months on the header moves. In this calendar, graphics suggestive of a movement-filled modern and digital sensibility are expressed atop paper. A simple yet finely calculated design and print layout yields a sophisticated appearance. Each day is important to someone, so the calendar was entitled 365 (days) ’19, with the hope of people cherishing each day in 2019.



Kioku no Tobira (Memory’s Door)

Design: Yoshie Watanabe(KIGI)

Turn each page, and a white door appears. Open the doors, and a colorful and beautiful world comes to life from the fine lines spun by
Ms. Watanabe’s ballpoint pen. Tracing her memories of her childhood and hometown surrounded by abundant nature, each and every illustration seems to evoke nostalgic memories that warms the heart of the viewer. Near each door are the months of the year, which are also the names of the doors.




Design:Asako Koyama(DRAFT)

This calendar series suggests new ideas based on the theme of “animals” each year. The 2019 version features animals that seem misplaced inside the days on the calendar, and look as if they are playing hide-and-seek. The design changes each month, and twelve animals appear in the calendar. Furthermore, the feel of each month is expressed in vivid colors so that the user feels refreshed each time he or she turns the page. Please spend a wonderful year together with lovable animals.



24 Terms of the Solar Year Calendar

Design:Akiko Sekimoto

The “24 terms of the solar year” is the generic term given to a calendar that divides a year into 24 sections based on ancient people’s observations of the sun’s activities. By knowing the 24 terms of the solar year that organizes changes in climate caused by the sun such as temperature, humidity, and the number of daylight hours into a calendar, you can feel Japan’s rich and varied four seasons in a more subtle, delicate manner. In addition to commentary on the 24 terms, this calendar also includes information such as eating habits during seasonal festivals and events, so you can incorporate these into your daily life while acquainting yourself to the 24 terms. Moreover, we added a thirteenth page consolidating commentary and the flow of the 24 terms throughout the year in the 2019 version, so you can know more about the 24 terms of the solar year in detail.



2019 TYPEFACE CALENDAR (Clarendon)


With “typeface” as its theme, this simple, elegant calendar series utilizes the beauty and characteristics of the typeface itself. A typeface is chosen each year, and we create three types of calendars: wall-type, poster, and desktop. The typeface chosen for 2019 is “Clarendon” designed by Robert Besley in 1845. Clarendon is characterized by a roundness inside large serifs, and the lack of differences between thick and thin lines. This typeface imparts a classical yet modern feel, with numerous possibilities despite its smallness, and a beautiful, exquisite balance between powerful serifs and soft, gentle curves.



2019 Creator’s Diary


This diary is the commercial version of a diary that designers and producers actually used during the production process of past projects. The year’s schedule is laid out on one sheet of paper folded like an accordion, allowing the user to see his or her schedule for the year at a glance. The upper half of the page is vertically lined for the user’s hourly schedule, while the lower half is horizontally lined for managing simultaneous, long-term projects divided by task or plan. The Creator’s Diary is offered in five colors and two sizes: a regular size with plenty of space for writing, and a smaller size for easy portability. For the 2019 version, the logo was revised to feature a foil-embossed design.



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