D-BROS’ “Time Paper” is a new type of clock that changes the very idea of how a clock should be. Here, we introduce our “Time Paper,” which can be attached and reattached to a wall like a poster, and can be a fun way of enjoying interior design.


The Catalyst was Casting Aside Preconceived Notions and Impressions

A clock is a special object in interior design that continuously transmits information and marks the passage of time. What comes to mind when you hear the word “clock?”

Most people would probably think of a hard and heavy, three-dimensional piece of precision equipment.

But what would happen if a clock were made of thin and light paper, and expressed in a completely opposite way? D-BROS’ “Time Paper” was borne out of this reverse way of thinking.

The A2-sized dial can be attached anywhere just like a poster. It can be written on, folded, and manipulated in ways that one can only do with paper.

Because it’s made of paper, it will gradually fade and age over time, which is also part of its design. It bears in mind the “completed design” which will be accomplished by the user, depending on how they use it.


Add a Little Something Extra to a Room Just by Sticking This to a Wall

Just like sticking a poster you like to a wall, how about choosing your favorite “Time Paper” and have fun with interior design in an easy, casual way?

Including our long-selling “Hanazono” and “Daasu” designs, there are now six designs on sale.


With its flower-filled dial, “Hanazono” was designed by KIGI’s Yoshie Watanabe. Its detailed illustrations done in colored pencil enlivens any room.


The paper used for the dial-poster is crisp and translucent, which is perfect for those who want a gentle, warm feel.


“Daasu” was designed by KIGI’s Ryosuke Uehara, and it features a dial that looks like a collage. The design concept was based on the 2006 calendar “PAPER JAM” which was sold in 2005. It has a simple yet impactful presence.


Torn pieces of paper are arranged like a collage, and its interconnected design is expressed using a precise punching manufacturing process. Meanwhile, the embellished gold hands exude an antique feel.

Four more designs were added in 2014. This one features a clock-like round design.



Skillfully utilizing a printed, matte black color and a glossy, clear varnish, the “black” and “blue” versions shine when hit by light. Their basic design adapts to any room.



The “stripe red” and “stripe black” versions are composed of stripes with various widths. It’s difficult to see in a photo but when the second hand moves, it seems as if the stripes are forming a moire pattern, producing a somewhat peculiar sensation for your enjoyment.


A Clock that can be Enjoyed in a Myriad of Ways

Even if it falls by accident, a light paper clock will not cause injury so it is very safe. Moreover, this clock is recommended for children and the elderly because the dial is larger than usual clock dials, so the time can be read easily.


You can used this clock to help children learn their daily schedule by writing their eating and sleeping times on the clock itself, or even draw on it with your child just for fun. You can do all these precisely because it’s made of paper.

There are two posters in one package, so you can freely use them in whichever way you want. Because they are made of paper, you can let your imagination run and enjoy decorating your room all the more.
Please watch this video for our suggestions in customizing your clock.

Interior decorating is all the more fun with D-BROS’ Time Paper.

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