Our D-BROS GINZA SIX flagship was featured in the February issue of the architecture magazine “Shoten Kenchiku.”


The store’s interior was designed by Mr. Hironaka Ogawa of Hironaka Ogawa and Associates. For D-BROS’ new store with a theme of Japan’s traditional crafts, Mr. Ogawa thought of using traditional, wooden construction methods for the space.

db_ginza_shopThe pillars and joists consist of thick Japanese cypress wood, and are part of the design of our store’s display and fixtures such as the counter. Actually, the structure does not have any metal parts at all. The thick pillars are joined by “tsugite,” a traditional construction method long used in Japan which combines wooden pieces with each other.


In the magazine, Mr. Ogawa says, “As part of the design. I used carpenters’ techniques which are not often seen in the outer appearance of structures. By deliberately using wood of different shades in the joints, tsugite is emphasized in all pillars and joists, and enlivens the space.

Despite the traditional techniques used, the interior design is sophisticated and modern. The appearance of thick pillars with 210 mm corners interspersed with each other looks great even up close. Please have a look at the work of skilled carpenters and craftsmen up close.


The interior design of our GINZA SIX store is also featured in our D-BROS GINZA SIX website.

 >>Click here for our fixtures and spatial design utilizing traditional Japanese construction methods.


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