One of our art directors, Takuma Fukuzawa, has won a “JAGDA New Designer Award” in the 2018 JAGDA Awards.

Beginning with the winning D-BROS product, much of our work for clients has been acclaimed.

The “JAGDA New Designer Award 2018 Aki Kanai / Masaki Hanahara / Takuma Fukuzawa” exhibition of winning entries will be held starting May 24th at the Creation Gallery G8. Afterward, the exhibition is slated to tour the country at various places.

For details, please visit JAGDA’s website. (in Japanese)

The JAGDA New Designer Award is given by Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. (JAGDA), and is annually awarded to several promising designers who are expected to succeed in design. As a gateway to success in the their field, the award produces talents who support the design industry, and attracts attention from both the design and advertising worlds.

<Winning Entries>


01 “I want to be…” calendar product (D-BROS)


02 “D-BROS GINZA SIX Kamon” products (D-BROS)


03 “Ocha no Iroha by Namacha” tea hands-on facility logo / tools / spatial composition (Kirin Beverage Company, Limited)
“D-BROS GINZA SIX Kamon” kamon book (client: D-BROS)
“Namacha box” promotional tool for green tea beverage (client: Kirin Beverage Company, Limited)
“Ikiru Ie” newspaper ad for a housing company’s earthquake-resistant structure (client: Panasonic Homes Co., Ltd.)

The winning entry “I want to be…” D-BROS 2018 calendar by this year’s JAGDA New Designer Award recipient, and kamon products can be purchased at our online store. There are only a few calendars left, so don’t miss this chance!

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